Are you 18-35 years old? Interested in campaigning/CAFOD/climate change/sustainability?

Become a Climate Champion with CAFOD!

Being a Climate Champion is all about doing what you can to care for our common home. There is some time commitment (training, events) involved, as well as monthly individual and group challenges, but it’s mostly something you do in your own time with a chance to share your experiences and ideas with your peers.

You may be studying, working, parenting, living a religious vocation, or just seeking to interact with like-minded individuals.


Find the application and more information at

Written and video applications accepted. Deadline: 31st January 2020

Parishioner Anna Fraine has almost completed a year as a CAFOD Climate Champion and highly recommends it! She is more than happy to help anyone with questions, an application and support throughout the year should they be part of this year’s cohort. You can contact her on 07501 163239  or email:

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